Friday, January 05, 2007

Back in the saddle again. Yup, long time coming, but ain’t long enuff. And you know enuff ‘z enuff. Like that. So, hmmm, mex and la la, and no, not melo’s consort, were in full effect, and not like a hair gel type dillio. You don’t comprende. Perfecto. Plan is enacted and enabled and wherewithalled to the nth degree, like nth man.

Went to see the clippers wack the kings at staples on twelve twenty nine, highlight of the nonce, shiz, you know I gots to prent if I’m on the isses. dig? Swig.

So mex was like dint wan leev and then la was like holmes no bolt, I was like yung joc just prentin all up in the cut like you never missed a beat with yer swatch on in the back of trig, and to say it was like that was like understate of the onyo.

Sigh shalom sigh shalom sigh shalom. Oh yeah, happy Nuevo whatevs even though it was like 80 hours ago. Last entry ever? If only your luck was that good. Salud barnyard, conquering herd, werd 2 ossifer bird.