Monday, November 21, 2005

SPORTS CRAP. you've been warned.

ok, check this story out, about Chris Wilcox, one of the Clippers’ backup power forwards. This is the kind of shit I’m talking about. Sam Cassell stays after practice to work with this guy, helping him get his game together, encouraging him, letting him know he’s got his back and that if he keeps working, he’ll get on the court more.

Repeat, our new star point guard stays after practice to work out with the backup power forward. Not just to help team chemistry, but also because they are friends. Sam Cassell, can you come sing at my birthday party? Jesus Christ, this guy is the biggest blessing to this organization since, since, shit, since Elton Brand himself, and while Elton has been an absolute BEAST on the court (western conference player of the week, ahem), what Sam brings may be more important, an attitude, a swagger, and the experience of winning championships, I mean, holy shit. Holy goddamm shit. And they way he wants it so bad, what he’s putting out there, I mean, he does not have to be doing this folks, but he is.

Jesus, this could actually be the year. Don’t jinx it. I didn’t say that. I did not say that. Ok, yes, they suck until they prove otherwise, it’s still early. They’re still the Clippers.

But they aren’t, and they don’t, and they are.

For more clipper shit, you know where to go.

Oh & don’t think I forgot that Cal won the Big Game this weekend. Four years running, Stanfurd hoes. (& four years of running stanfurd hoes, har har).

Werd to the Golden Bear.