Friday, January 26, 2007

Lawler’s law goes down, as in batshit thru the window, but in a good way. (Reffin last nite’s clips nets matchup). Man, when I saw 100-97 I thought we (the clips, in my imaginary life of playing for them, as in I see myself thru the eye of agamatto, or the shard of shardinia, or, possibly, the greynhelda stone of akthiar), as in, well, them, but metaphorically, er, not, dammit, you know what I mean, I thought we’d really done it, we’d really coughed up a 17 point halftime lead & were going to lose this game, and then that drive & dish by Cassell and hugemongo shot by cat, I mean whew, and on my day too many years after coming onto this planet, no less? Gratzi fates, yup, gratzi. First one as a poppa san, aye aye cap’n ron, it was most dope, if I thanked all the entities in the nether and whether for all the ginormous gratitudinals that are feasted on my corpuscled essence, well, days of our lives hasn’t had enough seasons to play out the hootenanny that would ensue, so let’s not go there. Aloha mahalo nui loa etcetera acres, ketch ya in the briar patch, & if that’s full let’s meet at a really beatnicked out café and talk about how alternative we are. ossifer bird says ordway (on the inks like sir jinx).