Monday, December 27, 2004

Howdy there pards. Dang that is some fucked up shit going on in shores surrounding the Indian ocean. It makes you not even want to think any selfish thoughts or consider your own life in the micro sense in any way shape or form. But life goes on, yah? At least for you & I, whoever you may be, assuming you’re not a ghost. Over 22,000 people dead, and sorry, I can’t just move on & think about how the clippers lost last nite, even though I already have and already am. It just shows the resiliency of the human soul. Well, no, it doesn’t, but some of the pics do. Go to yahoo & scroll through the slideshow for the dillio. You see these people with just this shellshocked look on their faces, and, they’re already moving on, ya dig? They have to. There are like dead bodies everywhere around them, they can literally smell them, loved ones, family members, people that basically made their lives what they were, and they’re processing, well, maybe the point is they’re not processing, they’re moving & reacting & doing and getting on with their lives, well, actually not yet, they’re still dealing. It’s nuttyblock, but, well, my point being that, the pics, you see these peeps like just looking freaked out yet still dealing, like, imagine if your whole life is blown out, you just put er in robot mode & get shit done & do what ya gotta do & eventually when you have some semblance of normality you prolly sit there & like cry forever.