Thursday, December 02, 2004

There is so much drama in the lbc, you don’t even know.

The clippers won their 5th straight. Next up, KG & Minnesota comes into Staples, should be a tough one, but I feel confident in this squad to give em a game and pull out another double you.

Sigh on the triple beam. It’s like, there were all these plans of like a stand in the third and me being like “well so & so & so,” and then going on with a “and you know, I mean, c’mon, this, that & the other thing,” but then the rug got pulled out in general and it’s like, there’s just no way for the convo to proceed as indicated, at least at this juncture.

Life in the fast lane, yah? Or, the medium speed lane? How bout the lane where the bagel squad shows up & exercises cranium euthanization? Why not.

Did I mention the clippers’ winning streak is their longest since 1995? Hmmm, I guess I didn’t. let’s see, where was I in 1995? Graduating from Cal & heading down south to slave away for Warner Brothers for 6 months. At the critical juncture where my clipperness was fully borne within me, out of the feeling of underdogness and general lackadaisical beatifity of their environs. Let’s just say I was a fan prior, but it could be that very year that I became a fanatic.

Irony? Ask Ethan Hawke. I just work here.