Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hey. Wuddup. Well, if you’re a blogger who was on my rollio you prolly hate me now. Que sera. Yah I elimidated all of em, I mean, eliminated. I twiddled then cut then curmudgeoned and then was like chop chop chop. They’ll prolly, nay, almost definitely, be back, or not, I dunno. I didn’t wanna be the guy trying to answer, why this link, why that link, ok, no links. Yah I’m hardcore now. Nay, horrorcore. Blame it on carlton.

Why axe why. Maybe I wanna get the readership down to one again (hey squirrelly) and then build it back up to a million by singing a duet with Ricky Martin for a pepsi commercial.

The dodgers took a serious asshanders yesterday.

I’ve planned out the one picture that will ever be of me on the innernet. It will be on this blog. It will not be today nor prolly tomorrow, but someday. I will be flipping off the camera and wearing prolly a hat and a beard and sunglasses and maybe flashing fake gang signs.

There will be no warning. You’ll just have to forever monitor and wait for the fateful day and even then you’ll never know for sure. The degree to which you care & are thereby concerned just reached a critical astromedallion level.

feel free to talk a lot of shit about me, how I suck, uh, captain of the irregardless, link whore, reactionary to the over degree etcetera type person, all that shit. When I get pissed I don't turn into the Hulk I just get irra's, and sometimes vaguely something or other. PS officer bird, please report to window #5, your ghetto pass has been reinstated.