Thursday, October 07, 2004

howdy pards. Any pards? Pards. Hey. Serially. I don’t wanna like, propogate. Do you ever do shit just to do it? Like perpetrate on a something or other? Just to stir the pot? I’m a veteran pot-stirrer. Can’t help myself. I see an opening, I go right at it. Always have. Something that pisses you off? I’ll prolly bring it up, even while considering that that’s prolly not the best thing to talk about. I don’t always do it. As the years pass I’ve gotten better about it. But to this day, it springs up, it’s like, for the sake of it, or on principle, or some stupid shit like that.

That’s what this whole (explanation denied) dillio is about. Me making some non issuistic point to myself for whatever reason that I haven’t figured out yet. It’s about being other level style with bushwick but still being able to bust a move with donna and her plastic surgery at the dj party. It’s about being able to make a professional grade swimming pool & then forbid any swimming in it after letting peeps swim all summer, ground being I have to keep it covered cuz it needs a special kind of chlorine during the critical autumn months.

It’s like the whole hole digging thing & then having to burrow a tunnel out of it. That carlton shit. Firing myself. Bringing in a crew. A real squad of professionals. To a degree unthought of, opening shop drop & barrel. Taking over again, 3rd identity. Kicking out said crew. Taking it to the nth degree and for all appearances castigating. The 4th parallel then eventually I’m prognosticating will be some week attempt at hamhandedness but only after a certain amount of bitterness and effect of deepseeded yet denied anger having festered in the hearts of said innocent bystanders. The whole joke being that whatever suuposed subset of personas said 5th id is trying to reference prolly doesn’t even realize wtf neither care and the fact that 3rd 4th and 5th all felt it worthy to diatribe about will be the ultimate cosmic joke, at least in their respective heads, which will put us where, back at square one? Great, great sandwich.