Thursday, October 07, 2004

Ronnie ock’s got the scoop on the new green lantern, er, return of the old green lantern, the one that went all crazy, the original 2nd green lantern, not the old super old skool with the cape, you know, hal Worthington and his dog something or other.

In other news, time to stop taking myself so fucking seriously. Like anybody gives a rat’s fucking ass. Sometimes I delude myself into thinking that this donkey ass craptserhole is like some art piece and the innernet’s a museum, so I mean, even if that was the case, what does that make me, big gay jacque??? I’m confused again.

It’s all just very, shit, riddle within a quagmire, I mean, here I go trying to explain shit that one I don’t even get and two honestly I don’t even really fathom what the fuck it is that I theoretically don’t get. I mean, not just the fact of not understanding but not even fucking understanding the concept of what it is that you’re trying to dissect intellectually.

Nah, nah, nah, not fukn intellectually. Jesus h. Christ that sounds pretentious, I think I meant to say analytically? Fuck it.