Monday, January 31, 2005

There’s just so much crap to read and look at and peruse and like just check out, not just on the innernet, but at your friendly neighborhood bookstore, or on your own damn bookshelf, or, I mean, shit, just go to the goddamm grocery store or 7-11 and grab a magazine, I mean, anything is prolly more productive than reading this dogshit.

That was a special one-man one-act play which I self produced about an agonizing procrastinator and self playa hata who was named og ratbone and he was secretly from a secret society that was involved in all kinds of gun running & heroin trafficking in and out of the greek isle of mykonos.

Don’t tell anybody though, cuz it’s pretty DL. By DL I mean deathlock, or dradle laden, or down low. You gotta keep it on it. Cuz peeps not named me could get in serious biznass with serious entities that are like in charge of getting all nate-dogg on that shit.