Tuesday, December 14, 2004

so wuddup, the fukn chain on my bike kept comin off today, but I think I got it on there good for the moment, but still gotta take it in for a tuneup and have that chain either a link taken out or replace the mofo altogether, which reminds me I have to make a phone call.

Well that was productive. Not nearly as much as I should be, though, I mean, way more than is ever required, beyond call dookie, all that shiz. So, uh, farg. Everything is, uh, immaterial, shit like that. Deep thought yup.

I’ve been getting to the point where I question everything I write here. Even that last sentence. Cuz you know that whut actually gets published is like one one hundredth of what I write. I mean, I write catalogs of info per hour, and like put up the cream of the crop here. I know! It’s that sad. Except it’s not in that that is a total lie, to the degree even of being opposite.

I’ve definitely been eating too much crap lately. Gracias a dios that the holiday season is coming so I can pile on the lard. Chuuch.