Thursday, December 16, 2004

howdy yall. Well yesterday, on the north shore of this beautiful island on which I practice some modicum of domestication there were waves with faces up to 50 feet tall, not to mention people crazy enough to ride around on them, and they were able to stage the eddie aikau invitational for only the 7th time since its inception in 1984. the standards are high, they don’t even bother with it unless the waves are at least 20 feet high (measured from the back, a la traditional Hawaiian measurements, not like in Cali, they measure from the face) so anyway, as you can see, huge city, click here for more info as to the huge crowds, good times, and some more info from YOUR Honolulu Advertiser. oh & congrats to Bruce Irons of Kauai (pictured) for winning the thing. in case you didn't know he's the younger brother of Andy Irons, current world champion. Everybody involved basically said these were the biggest waves they'd ever ridden.

Also, you could click here and see a picture of Eddie Aikau himself and a little description (see #38) that i wrote back in the day about surf contests in Hawaii and the Eddie Big Wave Invitiational in particular (plus some other local kine stuff) and plus I kinda tell the little story about the legend of he that is Eddie. Ever see those “Eddie would go” stickers? That’s from this dude. Now ya know.

And with that being said I have a vitally important meeting to attend.