Saturday, December 18, 2004

Hi there. There are 33,913 words in the master thesis now. Supposedly an official book, in the sense of the, fuckn, whatever regulatory agency that you want to refer to, check with dc or with Trevor, they were down with that shit for at least 5 minutes. More? Anyway. I’ll find out when & if I hunt down the links. Be that as it may. as begun, supposedly an official book according to those that do the write a book this month dillio every november say an official dillio, ie book, is 50,000 words. ie The book is progressing. And this is the book that is part II. Anti keeps telling me, ok, told me, not keeps, that’s pushing the value of his concern, but serially, that I should do the book of that which is already done. Ie the first year of this blog. It’s already been edited out by yours truly. The best of the first year. I could crank it out & put it on café press. Shill out some crappy cover, maybe a pic of batman if the dc lawyers would be copacetic. Ok, maybe al pennyworth? I was thinking I’d have to have the byline, or the author’s, name be keith pennyworth. Yah. Nobody could fuck with that. So anyway, what do you think? How many people would buy that crap? It would be at least like 18 bucks or somewhere there arounds. Not that I give a rat’s crapsterpiece about the moolah. It’s just the ideal that if I actually were to do it, It would inflate my ego to know that people were actually partaking of it. Hmmm. Eh, whatevs. I’mma go now &, like pour another drink. Wild, the potentials of the innernet, yah? And howard stern says we’re all fags. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.