Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The clippers are flailing, having lost 3 in a row and 4 out of the last 5. why does this always seem to happen around the times of which they have to play the lakers? And up next the t-wolves who are no pushovers. I would predict a victory, but that at times seems to jinx them, not that I presume to think that I may have an effect on history to such a degree.

And clipper games ARE history. I mean, look at the confluence of events that can occur around them. It’s baffling & boggling to the mind.

The scoops is that peeps in la are turning to the clippers side now cuz everyone hates kobe, cuz, you know, he’s such an assface, and not to mention that Angelinos, well, except for me, are a bunch of fair weather deuschbags, and I’d just like to opine, that, no, you aren’t welcome on the clippers wagon, I’m steering this mofo, and until they start losing again, admission is closed.

I don’t really mean that. Anyway, enuff clippers talk. (ha! Like there’s such a thing as that.)

Let’s talk about other things. Uh, let’s see, I know there’s lots of other fascinating stuff on my mind. Um.

Ah, ferget it. Oh, wait, yeah, I’m reading all the old iron man comics. They’ve been compiled in a beautiful edition. Now THAT is fascinating. The thing that interests me is that tony stark when he first started out, had to have his chest plate on at all times and even plug it in to charge every here & there to make sure his heart kept beating, and in between all this he’s making rich hotties swoon, and he’s mr. playboy, but how much a playboy can you be if you can’t take yer shirt off? I guess this was back in the day that pop culture still perpetuated the myth that people never have casual sex, a myth which has not just been shattered but pureed whut with britney spears crawling around airplane aisles and xtina getting like mud thrown at her in steel cage matches.

Food for thought.

the history of Iron Man