Friday, July 01, 2005

howdy, yo, wuddup, hello, shalom, etcetera. Jeez, I like, never? Post crap here anymore. Well, never is very subjective. And a retarded montalban topic of issuance is “yadda yadda I never post ish anymore.” Which ain’t true cuz I do, and “wallah” (sic) I’ve written a paragraph of utter & complete dogshit. Beeeyyoootiful. Fantastic beyond words. Let me call the award committee so they can get down here with a giant trophy and an arcade of dancing girls to do the moonwalk followed by the funky chicken all up and down main street in honor of me actually looking at a screen and typing on a keyboard whatever bullshit happens to filter through from the negasphere into my head and thereby, or, rather, thereupon, back into the negasphere. Perfect.