Thursday, June 27, 2002

I just realized that although the Clippers picked up two talented power forwards in the draft, they already have Elton Brand, one of the best at the position in the league this year, in my opinion. Are they planning a trade or are they just stupid? They are the Clippers. They just are. Yet I care. Why?

Well right now I'm bumping an album that if you had about 8,000 guesses you wouldn't ever think it. It involves two very high profile pop culture figures from the early-mid nineties. Also it doesn't suck as much as you would think it would. The Beavis and Butthead Experience. I am stuck with a casette player or radio, so times are desperate. Now, you would think that this album would be the shittiest thing in the world, but there are some hidden gems. There's a pretty good Nirvana track, Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Monsta Mack" (an all time classic), a Primus cut, Run-DMC (an admittedly inferior song from the hollis crew), but the true diamond in the rough is an Anthrax cover of the classic Beastie Boys song "Looking down the barrel of a gun."

Other than that, actually, it does kinda suck. But all I have is extreme radio and a cassette player so cut me some slack jack.

The new Eminem CD, from what I've heard so far, is awesome. I really like the cut with Nate Dogg. Last week I read in Bill Simmon's column on ESPN page 2 the most appropriate comparison of a music artist and an athlete I've ever run across. Nate Dogg is the Robert Horry of the rap world, and vice versa. Both of them cannot be a success by themselves but if you mix them in with other talent you've got an instant hit. Think about it: Robert Horry is a great player, but he's no franchise guy. But he always wins championships, never as the main guy, but he's clutch city, the ultimate role player. As for Nate Dogg, I mean every song he does a guest shot on goes through the roof, be it with Snoop, Ludacris, Eminem, anybody. Alright enough of this jibba jabba, I gotta go drink some milk or something.