Tuesday, July 02, 2002

All right I've been busting my ass all morning. Time to kick a little knowledge to y'all.

Devin the Dude is the best rapper you've never heard of. Check this album out. I wouldn't say he's the most original guy in the world, cuz his subject matter is pretty limited. It's basically booze, bud, and bitches. But it's the way he's so out there about it. His attitude is like, all I care about is this, so that's what I'm gonna rap about. It's refreshingly honest. Like the cover of the album. Who else is on their album cover sitting on the toilet, reading the newspaper, smoking a phattie? The one place you might have heard this guy, unless you're from Houston, is he was on a few cuts on Dr. Dre's 2001 album.

Stanley Kubrick was a frikkin genius. Every time I see one of this guy's movies I just want to cry that he's gone. Was catching some of Eyes Wide Shut on HBO last night. Now this wasn't Stan's best work, but it blows away the best movies a lot of other directors have made. You can just tell you're watching a Stanley Kubrick movie, the way he uses the camera, the silent moments, the editing, the performances he gets out of his actors. Next time you watch this movie, check out the way he uses colors, especially blue and red. Phenomenal. Part of me wonders if this movie isn't what broke up Tom and Nicole. That scene where they have the intense conversation over a joint, where she basically tells him she wanted to do this military guy one time, is just way out there. It's so honest, it's like too honest. And Tom & Nicole play it to the bone, I mean they nail it I think, especially Nicole. I mean, maybe that whole ordeal of making that movie together, which was such in indepth study of a relationship, was just a little to honest for them, maybe opened up some issues that they'd been putting on the good ol consciousness back burner.

Anyway that was in my head. I liked Eyes Wide Shut, even though it lags at points. I just really love Kubrick movies. My favorite flick of all time is Clockwork Orange. I can't think of a better war movie than Full Metal Jacket. The Shining was unbelievable, best Stephen King movie bar none. (I didn't care for Misery, really, the book was a lot better.)

This guy knew what the hell he was doing. Sucks he's gone.