Monday, July 22, 2002

Bumping Iron Maiden - 7th son of a 7th son - and drinking Coffee. I think I might be turning into a "coffee achiever." Coffee is kind of evil. I never used to drink it, but now we brew up a little pot almost every morning, and I feel myself getting more and more sleepy in the mornings and needing that pick-me-up more often. Damn that little Columbian guy and his burro!! Damn them!!!!

Saw Road to Perdition, that new Tom Hanks / Paul Newman movie, this weekend. Good but fukn dark as hell. This is not a movie to go see if you're currently contemplating suicide and looking for a pick-me-up. Tom Hanks kills like twenty people and is pretty fukn bad ass. I had to keep reminding myself that this was the same wacky guy from Bosom Buddies and Bachelor Party.

After the movie we decided to hit up our favorite restaurant, Azteca, which slangs the best Mexican grinds on the island. Hidden away on Wailae in the Kaimuki district of Honolulu, this place is the bomb-bucha. Chomped on a taco/enchilada/chile relleno plate, sucked down a couple stawberry margies, and was feelin nice. The capper is that there's a comic store right next door, so a comic geek like me can wander around and check out all the new dorky crap and digest a phat meal, all withing stumbling distance. Bee-yoo-tiful!!!

There's two comics I'm reading right now. Back in junior high, I used to by a shitload of comic books, but I keep myself to two or three a month, now. Anyway right now I'm reading Daredevil and Incredible Hulk. Coincidence that these are the next two Marvel comic movies coming out? I tell myself so, but my subconscious is a slimy, slithery, tricky and dastardly piece of shit, and I don't trust it as far as I can shotput it. Which isn't very far, cuz it's really, uh, heavy. Cuz I'm like such a deep person, ya know, on so many, like, levels, and stuff.

Oh speaking of dorky comic book movie stuff, I read this weekend that they're gonna make a Batman vs. Superman movie. Cool!

Watched some of the British Open yesterday morning, as I had nothing better to do. Golf is so fukn boring to watch on TV. Ernie Els, from South Africa, won. Every time I see a white guy from South Africa it makes me think, does that guy feel guilty for what they did to that country, for apartheid and everything? Then I remember that the USA basically stole all the land from the Indians, and then basically stole all the land from the Hawaiians, and then I started getting to feeling guilty, so I was like, fuck golf!

Anyway, that's it for now. Still rocking Iron Maiden and eyeing Dio's Holy Diver for next at bat, yours in rock, Alfred "Goatsblood" Pennyworth.