Friday, July 12, 2002

The Cal basketball schedule was just released. Some tough non-conference games, most notably Kansas. Should be interesting. I think I'll pick up a college basketball preview when they come out. I'm still a little salty that Jamal Sampson left after just one year. Special player, but he's not nearly as good as Shareef Abdul-Rahim was when he left Berkeley after one year. And he's light years behind where J Kidd was at when he left Cal after two. Kidd, I wasn't surprised when he left, even though I was hoping for one more year after that awesome tourney where they beat Duke, but well, ya know. With Reefer, I was shocked and disappointed, but I had no doubts he'd make it in the NBA. Sampson, I don't know, I'm hoping he does all right, but he's giving himself a long road riding a lot of pine. Kind of like Jermaine O'Neal's first few years with Portland, but I don't think he's got the talent of a Jermaine O'Neal. We'll see. I'll be watching this guy, you can bet on that.

Bumping Notorious BIG Ready to Die. Classic. This album is so fukn good. So much raw lyrical talent. So much confidence and this was his first album. I find it unbelievable that to this day no one has been arrested for this man's murder. Shit no one has been arrested for Tupac's murder either. Fishy. Two of the most talented black musicians of their time, two of the best rappers ever, down in a hail of bullets within months of each other. I know it's old news, but sometimes people forget shit unless people keep stirring the waters. So I guess that's what I'm doing. It just makes me want to cry thinking of the music we missed out on because of selfishness, evil, jealousy, and violence.