Monday, July 29, 2002

Chilling out, listening to Maiden, and just diggin' on all the good vibes in bloggerville.

First I get a shout out Friday from my good friend hoaloha, an island girl stranded out in la la land with my main homey aquaman, lord of ruby sattelite system, where beats are brewed and views askewed.

Then, this morning I find out I guest-blogged on Tony Pierce, which had my 2-way blowing up with the likes of Slick Rick, Snoop Dogg, and Devin the Dude calling to say congrats. I let Slick Rick know sorry about the deportation dude, that sucks.

Then I see some very kind words from my compadre Hosemonster aka the modern day renaissance man.

Then the ever-freekin Meesh, from her throne of diamond encrusted argentinian kitchen tile, gives me props on her site and makes my head swell to gargantuan proportions.

Then it happened, I was brought back down to earth while reading Moxie, which linked to Carson Daly's new blog, and that frikken top 40 casey kasem wannabe jacked my blog design!! This means war Daly, you're going down disco king!!!

Balance grasshopper, balance is what keeps a ninja in touch with his chi

that and his nunchuks sensei. hai.