Wednesday, July 31, 2002

The Clippers made a trade, and despite some sentimental feelings, I think it was a good one.

Andre Miller (pictured) is a damn good point guard. Fast, distributes the ball well, isn't usually concerned with his numbers and flashy plays (both of which he is capable of putting up) and is a winner. The only problem is the last time he's had a chance to really win was in college at Utah. The guy's been stranded in Cleveland for the last few years. You may remember him as the scrappy Utah point guard who somehow willed the Utes to the NCAA championship game only to get stomped by (Kentucky? I think so.) Anyway, I know they lost. But the miracle of a WAC team getting to that final game was not lost on anyone, and this was the year after Keith Van Horn left for the pros. Rick Majerus is a good coach, big belly and wacky sweaters and all that, but he ain't that good. Andre Miller willed that team, along with some fine play from their big men, to that final game.

Anyway, I'm rambling. This guy is good. Which leads to what they had to give up for him. Darius Miles. The straight-out-of-high-school phenom that could jump out of the gym, threw down thunderous dunks, started the whole two fists on the forehead thing after a big play last year, which I LOVED. Now he's gone.

The other two players involved in the trade were just thrown in their for cap space issues, I'm assuming, but the clips got the better on that too it looks like. Picked up Bryant Stith and gave up Harold Jamison (who? precisely.) Not that Bryant Stith is going to strike fear in anyone's hearts, but he can play decent d and put up a few points here and there.

So overall good trade. Bummed about Miles leaving, he was a lot of fun, but Andre Miller is a real deal point guard, which the clips need. Plus his contract is up after this year, so he'll be playing his ass off to get the big bucks in free agency.

OK enough clipper talk.

Have I mentioned enough times how frikken good the new DJ Shadow album is? Buy it. Or have your friend burn it for you, which I did. He even threw on some songs off of Shadow's collabo record with Cut Chemist, and it is the shiznit. Sorry I didn't buy it Shadow, but my friend did, vinyl, the English Import edition, so I didn't like pirate it or anything, and I'm doing serious promo for you right? right.

I'm bumping it on my brand spankin new PHAT Panasonic mini-system. The Philips was starting to skip all over the place, so I had to return it, which leads to another story, entitled:

The Pimp get Pimped, and likes it!
Joey goes Yugo shopping and picks up a new Caddie


Kool Keith as Mr. Bojangles
Slick Rick as the wily sales person
and a cameo by Mr. T as the angry Mail-Man

So it went like this, my frikken philips mini-system was fuckin up big-time. And I look at the calendar yesterday and sure enough, it's 31 days since I bought it, and of course, the return policy is for 30 days. So I call up Circuit City and plead my case, telling them basically that I'm a lactose intolerant quadroplegic, and that the skipping is causing my pacemaker to lose rythm and could they please make an exception. They say, alright, we'll make an exception, but you better be pretty fucked up looking when you get here.

Gyeah, I am the pimp, right?

So I gather up the stereo and cruise to the store. Return the thang, no problemo, then go check out what I can replace it with. The Phillips I had was the last one, the display unit, that's why I got it so cheap (and why it was fukked up too probably) so I can't just replace it with the same thing. So I ask the sales guy, what's the best little system for around x amount dollars? "Oh you gotta hear this one." Long story short, I heard it, it was the shit, it ruined me for every other system in the frikken store, and it was about a hundred bucks more than the last one I bought, and I fell hook line and sinker. I was even telling the guy as he processed the order, "Dude, you just worked me, I thought I was the pimp, and now, it's like, I'm working the streets for you man." And he winked at me and suddenly he was wearing a leopard skin coat with a flamingo skin liner and a giant sombrero with bells hanging from the brim.

"Get out there and get my money BITCH" he screamed.

I ran away, picked up my PHAT panasonic system, and with a smile on my face, went home.

It was worth it, it sounds super good.

OK - all I've done is blah blah blah blah, and I've got shit to do so laters.