Thursday, July 18, 2002

Gettin' Blunted Drinking Coqui 900...

The only reference to Coqui 900 I've ever heard outside the liquor stores of Berkeley, CA, courtesy of the RZA as Bobby Digital.

This is one of the most solid rap albums of all time, in my humble opinion. And you just can't argue with this fine cover by comic book legend Bill Sienkewicz. Bill stands out most in my mind for his all-star run on the New Mutants circa the late 80's. Out there, really out there.

As for Coqui 900, or 9-Ball as we used to call it in B-town, it tastes like piss but will fuk up your world in a hurry, and isn't that what malt liquor is all about? And you thought fukn Old English was hardcore. Child, go back to your room and play wit yo toys. I've got fond memories of chilling in the Berkeley pad, sippin on 9-Ball and playing go-stop, an asian card game, which every time a korean saw me play, and win, they were like how the FUK did a white boy know how to play this game. And I wuz stackin up they's chips playa.

B-Town brutha check it out I'm bout to throw down.

All right that's it. I put in more work than a trick on hollywood blvd. today. It's fukn heinekin time, I'm too old for 9-ball.