Monday, July 01, 2002

Happy Birthday Ant!

Ant is the super coolest foolio in all the land. I call him Tone-Dogger, but he's professionally known as Super Ant Boy.

Super Ant Boy currently holds the Guinness record for most consecutive days wearing a Town & Country T-Shirt (537 days, 1987-88). In a move that would later be copied by Cal Ripken Jr., the streak was voluntarily broken in the summer of 88.

Best man at my wedding, my main homey since kindergarten, my brother-in-law, the keeper of the secret scrolls of Amirillion, and probably the biggest pimp on the planet, ladies and gentlemen I present to you SUPER ANT BOY.

You go boy, keep living the legend and shake off the playa hatas!!!!

I hereby announce that this is super ant boy day.

Let it be known, go forth and tell the country side, alert the peasants that super ant boy is coming and to bear gifts of jimmy-hats and in-n-out double-doubles, cuz super ant boy ain't fukn around no more.

peace out