Wednesday, July 03, 2002

I had something deep and insightful I was going to write today, but all I can think about right now is MAUI. That's right party people, Alfred and the Mrs. are going on vaycay starting today-yay. I'm working a half day this morning, getting everything in order, and then it's chillin like a villain until we fly back on Sunday. I've been to Maui before, but only with work, this will be the first pure pleasure Maui experience. Boo-Yah!

Now I remember what I was going to mention, and it's not really that deep or insightful, but it does open a window into the hypocritical money-centrified whored out society that we live in. Steroids in baseball. I'm catching up on the Sports Illustrateds and I finally got to check out their big expose on this topic, which was like maybe a month ago. Remember how this was the biggest story, what a scandal it was? Bud Selig, the corrupt piece of crap commissioner, said oh yeah, this is an issue we're gonna take real seriously, gotta get on this on, yessirree bobskee.

Bullshit. Baseball ain't gonna do jack-squat about steroids because it's helping market the game. Top of the sports report last night was baseball breaking a record with 62 home runs in one day. In one day!! These guys are shooting so much juice that records are dropping like flies. Do you think it's a coinicidence that shortstops hit 35 homeruns a year now? That the homerun record was shattered by Mark McGwire and Slammin Sammy?? And baseball isn't gonna do anything, because that's what John Q. Baseball-fan wants to see, homeruns, lots of em. Baseball players joke that it's a given in the locker room, it's no big deal all the steroids going around.

Now this is really fine with me, if these guys want to shoot this stuff in their ass great, I like homers too. But think about it: athletes are being allowed, even encouraged, by the system (MLB has no steroid testing), shrivelling up their nuts, blowing out there testosterone levels, basically endangering themselves, and no ones doing anything. This is what bothers me: In the meantime, people are in jail for distributing marijuana to AIDS patients and other seriously sick people. There are people serving huge prison terms for crimes involving pot, a plant which never hurt anybody, and meanwhile these millionaires are shooting up roids while everyone knows about it, and people are like, whatever. I don't see George Bush and his piece of crap anti-drug ads saying anything about steroids. Shit, this guy used to own the frikin Texas Rangers. I have to sit here and listen to the TV telling me that I support terrorists if I smoke weed, but it's okay for jockman joe to shoot steroids in his ass so he can get a better contract and afford his payments on his fukn Bentley?? FUK THAT.

You know why it is the way it is? Money. Baseball makes a shitload of money, especially with homers getting jacked over the fence every five minutes. And steroids make baseball a more attractive game to the consumer. Marijuana doesn't make anyone a legal dime. The only ones making money off marijuana are the dealers (illegally) and 7-11, Jack-in-the-Box, and other food places off of people's munchies at 2 AM. A Big Mac is more dangerous to your body than a friken bong hit. The sad thing is, though, that Marijuana will never be legal as long as the pharmaceutical companies' powerful lobbies are all over the jock of every politician within 20 feet. They make way too much money selling fake pot to cancer patients that doesn't work nearly as good as the real thing.

Something for you to think about while you're watching America's past time over 4th of July weekend.

Oh yeah, and go Dodgers.