Wednesday, July 24, 2002

I just bumped into this guy's blog today, and he is hilarious. His name's Jim Treacher. Check out his cartoons as well as this. It's an acrobat file of a Superman/Batman comic in which they homo out, kind of like the ambiguously gay duo from SNL. All the art is straight out of an old comic, but this guy changed all the words.

If you know what it feels like to watch your favorite sports team make the stupidest trade in the world, you'll get a kick out of this column, in which the sports guy laments the Celtics picking up Vin Baker. Ha ha fuk the Celtics.

My whole people I can't forgive entry has made me a little salty. Just thinking about E-40, and how he couldn't even bust some decent rhymes for the Hawaiian contingent, it just gets my blood boiling.

So I'm listening to Dio and ya know what? Ronnie James just makes the hurt go away.