Tuesday, July 16, 2002

I just don't have the energy or mindset for any kind of organized thought right now so I give you - Random thoughts, part deux.

Ted Williams must be turning over in his frikken grave. His punk ass son makes him sign baseball bats for the last ten years of his life all day long, and now he's frozen his ass in a cyrogenic chamber on the hopes of hawking his DNA to the highest bidder. Makes me want to puke. At what point does greed get overwhelmed by shame and sense of family responsiblity? I mean, can't this guy get another kind of job rather than soaking off of his old man's legacy? It should be fukn illegal to sell your old man's fukn dirty jockstraps for a living. This guy should be forced to work at Taco Bell and see what it's really like. Did you know that sumo wrestlers in Japan have a servant that does everything for them, including wiping their ass? He should be forced to be a sumo butt-wiper boy. Butt-Wiper boy Williams. He should be fukn ostracized from the human race for whoring out his father's name to the highest bidder.

Speaking of baseball...

I really got into watching the ninth inning of the Dodgers/Cardinals game while huffing my way through the stair master at the gym last night. Even thought the Dodgers lost, they put a real scare into the Cards' reliever, got a couple guys on base off of a couple errors, but then hit into a double play. I'm not much of a baseball fan, but I love the Dodgers, and I think if they had the ninth inning of every Dodger game on TV, I would watch it pretty religiously. They could have a special show on every night: "Dodgers ninth inning." It would be must-see TV. Cuz really, the first 8 innings are a snoozefest. Some might say it's the same for basketball or football, that it's only exciting at the end, but baseball is unique in that there's no time limit, a team could technically come back from down 12-0 in the ninth inning.

Another thing about baseball. I've been hearing stuff here and there about how baseball better not go on strike, or it could be the end of the game, blah blah blah. The sad truth is that baseball can and probably will go on strike, and that the fans will all come back like a whipped dog limping its way back into the kennel. This is Amerca's game, and we'll basically put up with any amount of abuse. There's just too much history associated with it. And all this talk about baseball clubs losing money and barely making it sounds like fancy book-cooking, just doing the opposite of a Worldcom, making the company look poorer rather than richer. The money's there, people just want to keep all of it for themselves.

Bumping Guns N Roses Spaghetti Incident. Pretty solid. I've been rockin out lately. Yesterday I was cranking Dio. Maybe later on I'll throw on some Grim Reaper or Iron Maiden. I think I still have my skull full of goats blood if I get thirsty and need a drink in between head bangs.