Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I mentioned a couple posts ago about listening to Oasis for two songs and throwing Snoop on. I want to clarify something, I really like Oasis. Masterplan is a masterplan, driven straight through like a van.

First I heard Oasis was in college. The B-Town Berkeley, Cali. I was straight up doing it Dwight style maccin and proactin.

Their first major label record, Necessary Maybe, was amazing. I personally like it better than their next one, even though they got bigger off that one, more hit singles, heavy rotation.

Next was Be Here Now, which some magazines say it sucked ass, but there's a lot of killer songs in there, and a couple that kind of uh suck ass.

So that's it for now, time to bust some Kurupt and read some Marvel Comics online like a true blue Bear.

battlecat in the back with a sack on d's
ridin with the young og's
dippin down the shaw fuck all a yall
bounce rock skate on 3's