Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Just a quick note as I'm pretty swamped.

Imaging my surprise to find that I am the Jeopardy question of the day. I have one of those Jeopardy desk calendars where you rip off a page every day and it's like a little running game, there's an answer for each day. My job is to come up with the question. Anyhoo, today's question. "He's the faithful butler of Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman)" The question, of course, is my dear self, who is Alfred Pennyworth? Only thing is these dumbasses didn't realize I don't work for that guy no more. Brucie was getting just a little weird on me, so it was time to head for greener pastures. Also, few knew that Robin was a bed wetter, and guess who had to clean up the mess each morning, and those occasional streaks on the batpoles, eegads. So I said later Bats, and came out to Hawaii. Married a sweet little senorita since then, and well, we don't exactly live in Wayne Manor, but I don't have to clean the frikken batcave anymore, so there.

Second little tidbit, I ended up watching the Pelican Brief on the FX channel last night. Seemed kind of a weird coincidence after my little diatribe on John Grisham yesterday. I'll keep this brief, only to say that once again, I enjoyed the movie better the second time around, with more time lapse after reading the book a good number of years ago. Not as good as A Time to Kill, but decent. The reason I mention it is, again, the kooky actors that crop up in this thing. John Grisham movies are a magnet for big stars and wacky character actors. Our friend Dr. Chilton (was that his name) from Silence of the Lambs is back again, this time as a creepy corrupt Law Firm executive (what range this guy has), and we've got John Lithgow as Denzel's editor, and the red-headed girl from Sex in the City plays Julia Robert's best friend (she's blonde in this), and there's a few others which escape me right now. I caught myself playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon with these two movies, and the one I got the biggest kick out of was remembering John Lithgow as the anti-dancing minister in Footloose, the quintessential Kevin Bacon movie.

Okay, gotta go. If there's no links on this entry, check back later, I'll probably be adding a few.

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