Wednesday, July 24, 2002

oh little coffee bean. Forget all those nasty things I said about you yesterday. You're a good little trooper, and don't let that bad man make you feel any less proud of yourself. Hold your head high, your eyes wide open, and keep that heart racing mi pequenito, because you make the world go around.

In a better mood this morning. A cool thing about Hawaii is we have some killer local coffee. Currently running point in the Pennyworth coffee maker is Lion's Thai Mocha, and it's making some noise in the household record books, for taste, consistency, and wakefullness factor, lemme tell you. It's da winnas.

Hung out with my buddy G-dog last night and got to check out the new DJ Shadow record. Damn it is outstanding. Definitely gotta pick that up. Chilled out, drank some brewskies and listened to the muzak. I was lucky enough to see Shadow spin live at the Wave Waikiki a couple years back, and let me tell you he's the real deal, a dj with a unique vision of what he wants to do that doesn't follow the crowd in the slightest.

Got a chance to hear the new Chili Peppers CD yesterday too. Some very very good songs on there, but as a whole it sounded a little too mellow to me. Like I said, there's some gems on there though. And it does rock out at moments, but, well, you know. Solid effort though, based on one listen.

Bumping a cool Q-Bert mix of DJ Shadow cuts that I found hidden away in my CD stack this morning. It sounds nice!

Well, I got shit to do and I feel like I'm just kind of babbling, so laters.