Monday, July 01, 2002

OK here it is. The inside scoops on Thursday night's drunken debauchery. Alright it wasn't anything too extreme, but it was good times with a minimum of clear thinking. The first mistake I made this evening was eating spinach ravioli with a very complicated Italian sauce which we found in my boss's house's cupboard. The wife and I are staying at my boss's house this week while he's on the mainland. His house is really nice with a phat view of the ocean, but one problem, they never cook at home, which means you have no frikken clue how long any item of food in this house has been there. So anyway, I had this ravioli and decided I'd have a Corona with dinner. This decision would come back to haunt me. I am convinced today, with all the evidence lined out on an appropriate timeline, that this ravioli was the catalyst by which the nine beers in my stomach formed a revolt that would not be quieted until almost 8 PM Friday night.

Anyway. Beer #1, a Corona with a nice green lime slice with the aforementioned ravioli dinner. A delicious spread. Yeah and so were those little sugar cookies that the evil mom in Flowers in the Attic gave her kids. It was an evil meal that would serve as a scapegoat for the repurcussions of a night of wanton drunkenness. Well I needed to change clothes, and Mrs. Pennyworth was not interested in the underground hip hop show, so I headed to our house for a shower, a change of clothes, and a Heinekin. So far so good. Got dressed and headed over to my buddy G-dog's house. On the way over I picked up a sixer of Moosehead. Hung out at with G-Dog and Mike, drank said beers, sparked a bizowl, and headed out.

Got into Waikiki & stopped at 7-11 to grab some cash. A really drunk tourist from the mainland was having some serious issues with the ATM. Now, this is usually a serious pet peeve for me, but I let it go, as I was feeling good and, what was the hurry? Anyway, he finally figured it out, as I joked with him about whatever. My good attitude would prove beneficial for karmic purposes as I made an ass out of myself on my own attempt at cash withdrawal. I don't know why, but I was having ATM issues, I'm usually clutch city at the ATM, but so it goes.

Walked over to the Wave and the DJ was busting some nice tunes. I offered to score the first round, which for me was a Corona. G-Dog commented on the sausageness of the scene at that point. I had to agree. G-Dog's buddy Mike seemed to know everyone who was anyone in the joint. I guess it was a going away party for one of the guys from Quadrophonix, who I think are a rap outfit with parts of their crew in Cali & Hawaii. We were introduced to a few guys who I guess were DJ's and rappers, and I nodded my head and said wuddup, having no idead who they were. It was around this time that we noticed on the screen that Heinekins were on special for $3. I had just gotten gaffled on the first round, but whatevers I was feeling good.

So anyway, it was during the first round of drinks that a white guy with a backpack and backwards hat asks me what time it is. I tell him. He thanks me. Next round was on G-Dog. Heinekins of course, on special. So I'm cruising around on the dance floor, the DJ was still spinning, and there's a small circle of guys freestyling. I notice that the guy with the backwards hat that asked me what time it is in the circle. A guy with dreadlocks was spitting a pretty nice flow. Then he passed it the the backwards hat guy and SHIT, this guy just started busting! Straight off the top of his head, he was just ripping the place apart. The people in the circle were going nuts. Mike then tried to spit a verse which was a bad idea following this guy. Anyway, I later talked to the guy and his tag is Propaganda, keep an ear out. He lives in Hawaii now, but he's from NYC.

So then the show started. The first group on stage was a guy with dreds and girl with dreds. They were pretty good, the girl had a nice singing voice & a nice flow. The second group was five guys called Triangle Prism. I was all stoked cuz one of the guys had a Cal Berkeley shirt on. They were solid spitters all five of them. Super fun times, the crowd was pumped up, the place was jumpin. This group was underground hip-hop, I mean, one of the guys had on a shirt that said "Whitford Womens Football." I just thought that was cool. I mean that's what hip-hop is all about in a lot of ways, I think: super-obscure references to shit that you normally wouldn't think is cool at all. It's language and music coming together. It's people coming together to party and have fun and celebrate life.

Good times, good times.