Monday, July 29, 2002

Well put me in a dress and call me Suzy, I was given quite an honor this weekend.

This is what it must feel like being Carrot Top and Jay Leno calls up asking if you'd guest host the tonight show. Or being Manute Bol, and Shaq wants to know if you'd hold down the center spot on the Lakers for him for a game or two. Your humble host was a guest-blogger over at tony pierce yesterday! I am credited as my alter ego, kool keith, but that's little old me. Thanks Tony for the pub and the traffic!!

So check out my major label debut. It's a little ditty about my buddy Rion Dark.

I'll be back later to check on you kids, so no drawing on the walls or pouring syrup on the dog.

peace out

Alfred Pennyworth aka Kool Keith aka C-Dog aka the ultrablogger