Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Boo yah. that's what I say.
you could steer a neigh
renee on chesapeake bay
the ultimate day
will be with your bengay
and oscar riding shotgun
in september

Im kickin it stylistic
my raps they are pacific
if you keep kool
youll laugh and fool
midnight rasta scientific

ok nuff rhymin i know whut im good at. i'm good at presenting the facts, reviewing data, and processing info for the common hobbit or river dweller. keep it here, folks, here's the prize winnah, the masta killa, the mc thrilla magilla gorilla.

randy rhoads was bad ass and died at 25. he was just gettin started rippin it up for quiet riot and ozzy. he had biznass to take care of, and in a way, that was the ultimate essence of late 70's dreamscape. ch!ps stylee.

i have a buddy d-shot who's favorite show is chips. he's gary aka d-buttascotch as well. him and allie girl were out here in h-town a little while ago, and mrs. p and i got to hang out with them. good times.

keepin it realah than evandah holyfield on a wheat thin tip.

so why did randy rhoads have to exit stage left, anyway? I mean he was representin the crescent to the degree of everfescent.
i mean damn he was on the bonumbo tip it was adriatic and aquabatic dagnabbit

bumpin enter the wu-tang. 36 chambers if you know the score. if you don't well i'm lettin you in on secret, the wu tang should be named saskalang because they richter harder than darth shclikter.


the iceberg

kool keith