Monday, August 19, 2002

Bumpin' Eminem's Slim Shady LP.

Something really cool about this weekend was that Mrs. P and I had free fireworks shows from our backyard on Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday night.

Kaneohe Marine Base, which is very close to where we live, was having a big ol' carnival which they call the Bayfest. Friday night at about 8:30, we started hearing the booming sound of fireworks. I jumped outside to see what I could see, but the view from the front of the house was wack. Then I tried the backyard, and wallah!! Phat view of the fireworks going off over the bay. So we pulled up a couple plastic chairs and enjoyed the show, and were stoked with front row seats all weekend. One thing the military does not fuck around with is their fireworks, which were some of the best I've seen. Last night was especially impressive, and for the grand finale they threw everything up there but the kitchen sink, and maybe they threw that up there too, I certainly wouldn't have known.

The special guest singing group at Bayfest this year, according to the newspaper, was Collective Soul, which made me think, how far the mighty have fallen. These guys were pretty big time and now they're playing the equivalent of the county fair. We live so close to the base that I could hear them banging out their played out hits as I drifted off to sleep, in bed early Saturday night due to a headache that just didn't want to go away.

Well we saw Blue Crush this weekend, and I don't know, it was alright, but you could definitely wait for the rental on this one. The surfing scenes were pretty cool, and I guess they hit the local culture pretty good, better than the old school North Shore movie, but I don't know, the whole romance with the NFL Quarterback in town for the probowl was pretty fukn contrived and stupid. Anyway, it was aiight, I'd give it a tentative C+ I guess, if I was backed into the corner of an alley by a blue haired granny with a butter knife.

okey dokey my fanokeys. That's it for now. Maybe I'll hit you with one more little smidgen of knowledge a little later. IF you're good. And Santa knows whose been naughty and nice, yes he does.