Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Bumpin' Social Distortion. This album really rocks in my humble opinion. I'm fairly certain I've mentioned it around here before, but I saw these guys play at the Groove (now World Cafe) in Honolulu a few years back, and they FUKN ROCK. I fukn moshed my ass off. I remember they played the longest version of "ball and chain" I'd ever heard, they must have stretched it for like 15 minutes, just rockin harder every chorus, until the crowd was a sweaty, bruised, battered, happy mess. Good times.

Went for a nice long walk on Kailua beach after work yesterday with Mrs. P. Nothing melts away the stresses of the day like cool ocean breezes and the sand between your toes. Good stuff. Lucky we live Hawaii, we are. Pretty nice when you can get off work and be cruising at the beach 5 minutes later. No complaints here, captain.

Kailua Beach is one of the last really long beaches left on the island. There's Kailua, Waimanalo, and I think there's a few up on North Shore and Makaha side. Supposedly, (and forgive me as I totally shred the theories of Geology or whatever because I'm talking out of my ass about an article I read like 6 months ago) the problem is that people build their phat houses on the beaches, and over the years, the water gets closer, through erosion, etcetera, and people build retaining walls in front of their house, which basically destroys the beach. I guess back in the day-ay, there were phat beaches everywhere, and now a lot have been wiped out by rich fuks protecting their million dollar homes by putting up beach walls and sandbags and shit.

Now ME if I had a million dollar house on the beach, I'd let mother ocean in to run free and short out my big screen and I'd invite her in for a bowl of soggy nachos.

yeah right.

Anyway, whatever. After our crip ass walk, we headed home for some bomb ass homemade sandwiches. We found this super good french bread that's like baked in olive oil and some spice which escapes me and is SO fukn good. Toast those puppies up just a tad, throw some pastrami, onions, lettuce, tomato, mustard, mayo, and queso in there, and grab some hot peppers for the side and you are sittin pretty, which we were.

Grinded those bad boys down and decided it was a good night to go out and put back some drinks. So we headed over the hill to the top of Ala Moana, home of the Mai-Tai Bar, site of the best happy hour on the island. Happy hour from 4 PM till closing every night practically (the hours vary a little) - how dope is that? Frosty Lava Flows and Icy Mai-Tais for $3 a pop. All in an out door setting with live Hawaiian music and chronic pupus for sale if your belly starts grumbling. So we chilled out, enjoyed the cool night air, and let the alcohol seep into our brains, souls, and bodies.

The mellow vibes were propogating like gangbusters, and good times were had by all.

And great joy was felt across the land.