Monday, August 12, 2002

bustin pearl jam yield and chillin like dylan

saw xxx and the new martin lawrence live movie runteldat. runteldat was super funny. xxx was really action-packed and cool and fun but some of the shit he did was so so impossible it was kind of stupid. but it was good if you get my drift.

damn martin lawrence is a dirty mofo. he gets to the nitty gritty, but literally i was laughing my ass off in certain parts. i mean my ass came off, i had to go find the movie worker guy with the flash light and the funny hat to help me find it. he was really nice and courteous but a little confused i think.

how did we see two movies? why we snuck in of course. i had to really push mrs. p cuz she gets nervous and thinks the secret megaplex spies are watching us, but i convinced her and we were like two unseen and unknown ninjas here there everywhere, we were running that place, only appearing, as if from nowhere for free mr. pibb refills - cough up the cash senor naugles, it's time for a little get back - know what i'm sayin...?

when i was in high school, the year before i got wheels, me and my buddy used to walk somewhere off campus to eat. it was der weinerschnitzel most of the time, cuz that was closest and shit, they only give you like 40 minutes for lunch, so you have to hussle, grab food, and head back. i remember thinking how cool it was to get off campus for lunch. anyway, years later, that weinerschnitzel turned into a senior taco. not senor taco, senior taco. i always wanted to go in there and ask them, did you put senior, as in senior citizen, senior high, senior prom, on purpose?? or were you trying to write senor, like senor jose llalo hernandez?

i never did though.

a couple friends of mine from my high school days that live in new york were out here a couple weeks ago, and mrs. p and i were lucky enough to be able to hang out with them for drinks at the mai-tai bar at the top of ala moana mall. the band was loud, so we had to shout to be heard but the conversation was lively. i was trippin on what they were saying about new york being so expensive, so huge, so hectic, so crazy, so fast. it's weird because living in hawaii, when i go back to la, i think it's this wild frenetic pace, but when they go back to la it's like so mellow yellow. nyc and hi are polar opposites like that, so they were so so so chilllllled out and appreciative of the aloha. which made me happy cuz aloha is fun to spread.

stoked: that tone-dogger may be visiting the island and that hosemonster and meesh are back in bloggo-land.

senseless fear of the day: capitalization