Monday, August 26, 2002

Gutenmorgen my little munchkins-

I'm getting bizzy like Izzy and takin care of thangs at the ol' payin' gig, but I do have a couple minutes to holla at ya.

This weekend was good times. Saturday Mrs. P and I hit up a picnic at Sherwoods beach in Waimanalo. The grinds were plenty and varied and delicioso. Huli-huli chicken, rice, hot dogs, Zippy's chili, sushi, chicken katsu, and some of the best damn pinapple cake I ever munched. Sherwoods is a long stretch of beach on the east side of Oahu which is a ways down from Waimanalo beach park. It's named Sherwoods because it fronts a sizeable pine forest, so it kind of feels (and smells) like you're camping in Yosemite, except, shoots, there's a PHAT beach and tasty waves for boogie boarding, body-surfing, and bobbing around like a log if the urge so strikes you.

So it was tasty eats and sun and fun. Got to play some hanafuda, which I guess is the local version of go-stop, the picture card game I learned from my Korean college roommate and long time homey k-swiss aka the playa president. They play it differently here in the islands, so I had to school them on the calikorean stylee.

That night the party didn't stop, as we were invited to a shindig at another of Mrs. P's friend's house in Enchanted Lakes, right outside Kailua. The plan was to grab some beers and pizza and kick it at Lanikai beach to catch the full moon, kick back, and grind. Lanikai beach is basically one of the most picturesque and chillskiest spots in the world, and a Pennyworth fave. Unfortunately we were there about ten minutes and it started raining buckets. The good times were not spoiled though, we were all too OG to let a few sprinkles ruin our fun, we just took the party back to their house and commenced the grinding and tanking and good conversation and laughs were had well into the night.

Sunday was the day for me to flex my muscles on the basketball court and basically live up to my nickname "Big Nasty." Ok that's not my nickname but if I had one, besides "dumbass", that would be it, if I had any control over it. I think I'm more of a "Big Nasty" than a lot of other folks, but I think that Wolfie is a really good name for a goldfish so take that for what it's worth.

So basically I fucked around and got a triple double and did a few double-pump 780 tomahawk jams, but my homey G-Dog still came out on top in the first two marathon games of 21. I got the last laugh, though, as I shattered the backboard on my last dunk in game three so that one was a wash. Don't ask me how I shattered a steel backboard, I just got it like that.

To top it all off, Mrs. P and I headed over the hill last night to the infamous Mai-Tai bar for the best happy hour on Oahu and sucked on Lava Flows and Icy Mai-Tais until the wheels fell off. Some reggae group was bustin out the tunes and the vibe was oh so rastah. So I busted out my harmonica and jumped on stage for their jamaican version of Creedence's classic "Old Lodi Again" and basically, the place went nuts. I mean, if I was a lion, my name would have been Zion.

Really doe.