Monday, August 19, 2002


I know that this is the kinder gentler nation and that we should all hug each other and shit like that but I was just over at Meesh's site and a link there led me to that stupid Save Karyn website. For those who haven't seen this before, SaveKaryn is asking for money, because credit cards are "bad," and she racked up about 20 G's of debt, and she was an innocent victim and yeah fukkin right. The thing that pisses me off, is that she's actually gotten like 7 grand off of this little fukn scam. Ya know, what if she doesn't even have credit card debt? Maybe it's fukn Bill Gates at the other end of that web site, just laughing his fukn ass off. I think this Save Karyn girl should go jump in a lake with about 50 bricks tied to her ankles. Damn she pisses me off. I paid off my debt to GiantCreditCorp slowly but surely like every other fuckhead in this country and people are flowing this chick major cash because she was stupid and racked up credit card debt!!!! Why does this piss me off so much????

You know who pisses me off more? People that give her money. Let the bitch starve!!! I mean I can see giving cash to Tony Pierce, because he is providing high quality entertainment, or Save the Whales, because they're like a good cause and shit, but some dumb bitch that let her credit cards get out of control??!!!??


OK. That was my little moment to vent off some steam. I shouldn't playa hate, SaveKaryn has a pretty phat hustle, and maybe I'm just jealous. Maybe I'm just a bitter, salty, pissed off, curmudgeonly, sadistic pile of shit BASTARD.

Maybe, but dammitt, sometimes the world needs that kind of shit. And people need to learn their fukn lessons, and not have the world fukn handed to them on a silver fukn platter sometimes. And it's time for my fukn geritol goddammitt.

Obviously I am in no condition to safely blog without making some kind of rift in the blogosphere, so I'm gonna shut my ass up.

Dammit, I'm setting up a paypal link on this site, and I'm gonna start saying how I'm a fukn triple amputee and poor me, send me money.

I'm really thinking I shouldn't post this, it's just too needlessly bitter and vitriolic (whatever that means) and hateful and Yoda just would NOT approve. Maybe that's what I need to get some serious traffic, though, a war with the gimme money girl.

I'll be back later with something more upbeat, I promise, maybe a tribute to Air Supply or something.