Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I really like getting e-mail.

I really hated Bandits, that bank robber movie with Bruce Willis and Billy Bob, which I watched about an hour of last night before burning the tape in a wicca ceremony.

I got cool e-mails from Sai-Lo and Rusty Trumpet this week. Sai-Lo was actually returning my e-mail, which I sent to tell him keep yo head up kid. I just send e-mails out of the blue sometimes to bloggers I read. You should try it. You should try it now. Rusty Trumpet e-mailed me out of the blue, well not really, cuz I linked him and he noticed but I mean I only linked him yesterday and he was very prompt and polite and thanked me and DAMN that is the proper way to conduct oneself in the blogosphere I think. I think it's downright good stuff.

Bruce Willis and Billy Bob had some truly terrible rugs on their heads, and then they insult us further by having the characters wear wigs over their rugs, because they're incognito, and I don't know if they were winking at themselves or what, but FUK this movie sucks my ass in a major major way.

Sai-Lo is a bummed out deep thinker. He knows a lot about the inside of his own brain and also about golden tee. Rusty Trumpet is a sexed-up movie hound. He's the first one that made me realize I could get aroused watching Bambi and it was OK. Yeah I made that up but are you sure?

Bandits sucked so hard that Mrs. P and I were studying light reflections off the wall before we gave up. This piece of shit tells you what's gonna happen from the start, gives you the two of the top ten worst celebrity singers of the last twenty years, all with some lame love story tied in there with the rich bored housewife that they meet in some cute stupid ass way, and wigs are shining and toupees flopping all over the place and the single most pathetic prison break scene in the history of cinema. Wait, strike that, Bandits does not deserve the term cinema. The crazy thing is I heard somewhere this movie was good. I swear I will spend the rest of my days hunting down that source and making them pay.

Together they could be the new Odd Couple. Holy Shit somebody call NBC.