Friday, August 30, 2002

it's weird you'd think i'd be over this whole randy rhoads thing. but i'm not. it's getting worse. i'm playing some morissey to get my mind elsewhere, but for some reason i can't stop thinking about the rhoads man, dead so early. the more i hear him play, i'm thinking this guy was a serious madman at the guitar. he's speaking with that guitar, using it as a gateway to a musical place that they thought only existed in dreams of insane madmen. it's like he found total concentration but is just wingin' it too. he was the first to ever have a jackson guitar, vintage old school. i've been checking out stuff about randy's life part of the morning, and i never knew but we were born in the same hospital, st. johns in santa monica. I was thinking that, like 17 years and a months earlier, and i could have been the baby next to him in the hospital:

ap: whut's up man, here we are, life! whut a trip

rr: yeah. cool.

ap: so whut are you gonna do with your life?

rr: guitar

ap: really? damn that's pretty cool.

rr: whut are you gonna do?

ap: write. oh and toil daily for corporate america.

rr: word.

also it's weird but i never knew the cicrumstances of his death, just that it was a plane accident. But here's what happened:

they were just fucking around. the bus-driver, who had an expired pilot's license, took a few of the guys in the band for a joyride in a little plane, and they were dipsing and diving, and flying real low. so anyway, they land and chill out. then randy rhoads and his girl go up with the guy. ozzy and sharen and most of the others are asleep on the tour bus. so the plane keeps flying really low and buzzing the bus, just to fuck with every body. a few runs later, the wing of the plane hits the bus as its buzzing over it, (flying at like 10' in the air) and the end of the wing snaps off, sending the plane spinning into the large house of the property they were on. the house goes up in flames, all on the plane dead, a guy that had been in the house got out unhurt.

randy rhoads dead at 25.

this weekend my mission is to buy as much cd's with randy rhoads playing as i can find. Quiet Riot 1 and 2 were only released in Japan, but there's a Rhoads/Riot CD out there, like a complilation CD. i'd rather have the actual albums, though. blizzard of ozz and diary of a madman gotta pick those up too. i really want to pick up the quiet riot stuff for some reason, supposedly they were like the band of the people in la in the day, and they were multiplatinum in japan. the qr. pre-metal health. old school. i don't think i've ever heard any of it. i am usually mr. rap, i don'k know why but i've entered the randy rhoads zone.

there just cannot be enough randy rhoads. if you are strongly against anything of a randy rhoads type nature, you may want to steer clear of the area for a spell, cuz the forecasts are for high rhoads factor.

to quote tom leykis: "rrrreeeeaaaaalllllly......"

peace out and have an outstanding labor day weekend my innernet pizeeps, cuz you know we work hard, and it's time to partay and chillie-willie.