Thursday, August 29, 2002

I've listened to the 1987 album Tribute like four times in the last two days. Just not getting tired of listening to Randy Rhoads shred guitar, which he was obviously born to do. I mean, this guy's career was so short, so I don't know if he's considered one of the best ever, but shit listen to this album and it's just obvious he was something beyond even the upper echelon of guitar players, he was fukn magic, lightning in a bottle. Like lightning, his strike was quick and powerful, and then he was gone.

A letter hand-written by Ozzy Osbourne, in the liner notes:

March 19th 1982 is a day that will live with me forever. Not only did I lose my best friend but the greatest musician I had ever known.

Randy Rhoads came into my life in 1979. At that time I was incredibly depressed, and he was what I had dreamed about in a guitar player. He helped make all my dreams come true. Along the way we became buddies and business partners. Randy was a very special person, he inspired, cheered, and made everyone in contact with him, feel good. Building the band with Randy was one of the happiest times of my life.

What you are about to hear are the only live recordings of Randy and I, they were recorded late 81. I have hesitated to release this album for many reasons, but now Mrs. Rhoads and I feel that this is the right time. I know his playing will continue to inspire you all.

This album is my Tribute to Randy Rhoads.

God bless you Randy my friend



Here is a tune that was written by Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Daisley, Lee Kerslake, and….
your friend and mine, Randy (well actually the actual official document, reads Randall) Rhoads.

Well not by, I mean, we, or I mean I, don’t know Randy Rhoads per se, but I do know his ghost.

But he ain’t been around in a while.

Ozzy Osbourne
Diary Of A Madman
1981 - Sony

"Over the Mountain"

Over the mountain take me across the sky
Something in my vision, something deep inside
Where did I wander, where d'ya think I wandered to
I've seen life's magic astral plane I travel through

I heard them tell me that this land of dreams was now
I told them I had ridden shooting stars
And I said I'd show them how

Over and over always tried to get away
Living in a daydream only place I had to stay
Fever of a breakout burning in me miles wide
People around me talking to the walls inside


Don't need no astrology it's inside of you and me
You don't need a ticket to fly with me--I'm free

Over and under in between the ups and downs
Mind on a carpet magic ride goes round and round
Over the mountain kissing silver inlaid clouds
Watching my body disappear into the crowd

Don't need no astrology it's inside of you and me
You don't need a ticket to fly with me--I'm free