Thursday, August 15, 2002

Kool Keith: ok hear hear let this meeting of ultrablogetic enterprises come to order.

Alfred Pennyworth: Would anyone care for coffee or tea?

Kool Keith: Alfred, we already had tea and crumpets and scones you old fart, c'mon we got stuff to go over.

Berkeley Joe: Hey easy guys, let's just do this thing.

ap: ok. Proceed.

kk: Thank You. Now I just want to open up that we are doing pretty good. There's people comin in here reading us, some of whom come back for more. We're getting noticed a little out there in Bloggerville. But ya know what I think? We got to go that otha level style, I mean, we could be large.

bj: I think we should just cruise like we are, we're packin the mack in the back of the ack.

ap: I have to concur with Berkeley Joe. I think we stay the course. We can't let pressure and thinking about things get in the way of expressing ourselves. Excellence is a mind-state, achieved through subconscious wisdom, you can't seek it out, it comes to you.

bj: yeah what he said.

kk: Ya know, Pennyworth, I'm tired of you thinking you run the show all the time, just cuz it's your name on the entries.

ap: Please, Mr. Keith, we set it up like that on purpose. How did Berkeley Joe put it so eloquently?

bj: Confusion as a marketing scheme. Uh, are you guys done getting all dramavilled? cuz I was gonna eat chicken in a biscuit crackers and watch the Beverly Hillbillies.

kk: OK I can hear that. I just want to say, good job everybody, and sorry about that Pennyworth, you aight. I didn't mean to jump on you like that.

ap: no offense taken Mr. Keith, perfectly understandable. You know you really should have another scone, but this time throw some of my sister's marmalade on there.

kk: Yeah thanks Alfred, good lookin' out.

bj: oh hook me up one of those too Alfred.

kk. Hey but back to what I was talking about, are we gonna go for the gusto, start tearing up shit, or are we gonna stay in cruise control?

bj: The thing about getting too gangbusters and purposeful or some shit is you risk losing the funk, the brain farts, the cranium cleansing. Let's just say things must always be at a level of quality in keeping with the ideals and lore of b-town, k-town, and most importantly g-town. I think we can all agree that as long as we do that, we're pretty copacetic.

ap: That is something of which there is no doubt.

kk: You speak the truth.

bj: ok then we're out. Coqui 900 time.