Friday, August 09, 2002

Listening to Iron Maiden, 7th Son. Song 2, Infinite Dreams. Badass.

One of the major comic books of the last 20 years was the Dark Knight Returns, by Frank Miller. It was a four-issue series that chronicled the future life of a long retired Batman, about age 55-60. He kinda goes nuts with all the crazy shit still happening in the world, so becomes Batman again, even though soceity outlawed heroes in the future, all except Superman who sells out to an ancient Ronal Reagan in a futuristic wheelchair. There's a girl robin, you get to see Batman kick Superman's ass, and there's a big joker showdown with all kinds of dramatic overtones cuz joker killed the 2nd robin.

It was super good. You should read it. You should also read Watchmen, a 12 part series from around that time. There's compilation books for both of these so you can read the whole thing. See here, this person agrees, these books are badass pieces of literature. There I've been verified so approve my fukn credit line so I can hook up some bathroom tile beyotch!

Anyway I digress. The reason I'm discussing it is I just picked up the third and final installment of the Dark Knight 2 series they've got out now. This 3rd book was super late, and I'd heard that it sucks ass, but I'm gonna sit and read and judge for myself. Maybe I'll talk about it later.


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