Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Oh look at that - it's a Charles Woodson INT TD in the place to be.

good stuff, which we will see plenty of this year, especially with the other Woodson, Rod the god, running around at safety.

Not much to say today. I am a busy beaver.

Fukn Baseball is gonna strike next week or whenever. Bunch of greedy ass fucks.

I say fuck baseball. They're all rich and just want more cash. And it's almost football season.

Speaking of football, Terrel Davis was a great player, and it's sad to see the end of his career, but FUCK the Broncos so good riddance. And I can't feel to bad for TD, I mean he's got that phat contract sellin soup.

Oh wait, that's his mom.

PS: Raiders are just waiting to stomp this year, especially against Denver's weak asses.

Peace out.

cuz i'm nice like that.