Thursday, August 29, 2002

ok it all started with meesh telling me she did a list of 100 things about herself, which sounded like a grand idea. supposedly she got the idea from some yankee guy. so anyway, hosemonster lets me know he did a list of 20 cuz he's lazy. I figured I'd read that one first, because I'm probably more lazy. his was a masterpiece, so i'm totally biting his list and just changing the words for my answers. My list does not include john denver, but be assured mr. ward i am quite fond of his work.

so here is the ultrablogneticator's list of 20 as partially bitten from the masterful hosemonster.

1. I haven't watched TV since a half hour ago, and that was only because I woke up.

2. I once asked Raquel Welch on a date to watch a Frank Sinatra video I had on me. She was like, "it's time for Matlock you little punk."

3. I have seen every Seinfeld episode ever made.

4. I proudly own a Silkk the Shocker album (actually 2), and I listen to Def Leppard almost every day.

5. I will die happy if the Los Angeles Clippers ever win an NBA championship in my lifetime.

6. I love to eat thai food, and I always wear a sarong when I do so.

7. I once chased a taxi-driver down the street because he'd stolen my raccoon tail antenna ornament.

8. I am the offspring of two olympic level thumb-wrestlers

9. I once saw a girl through a crack in the stained glass window of a church who now has a magic marble named "Johnny Cash."

10. I have never slept with my glasses on.

11. I once gave a damn. Now I give a dime, whenever the chance comes up. But not to Hare Krishnas.

12. Not everything in my life revolves around comic books, the cal bears, and stories of torture methodology.

13. My friends and I created "Different Strokes Drinking Game" a few years ago, but I've never actually played it. I don't know what Willis is talking about.

14. I am an aspiring jack-o-lantern.

15. The first concert I ever went to was UB40. The second was Midnight Oil.

16. My computer has a hispanic name. It's name is juan.

17. I have never been to Portland.

18. I wish I was a member of the McGuyver fan club.

19. I am absolutely head over heels in love with mrs. p.

20. I almost cried 8 or 9 years ago when Sam Kinison died. If I had a blog then, I would have gotten totally wasted and written the most incoherent piece of babble this side of Kaaawa.

alrighty then peace out - and don't forget to read hosemonster and meesh's lists.