Thursday, August 22, 2002

strictly freestyle today. don't expect a beginning, a middle, or an end.

just verses. that don't even fukn rhyme.

whoa ho ho. bumpin odb's first album.

i was just thinking about the time me and some buddies went exploring in the storm drains of g-town cali. it was greasy, booker, and lil ol me. maybe tone-dogger was in the hizaus, but i don't think so.

it was one of those summer days when you're like 15 years old. ain't shit to do. you're hangin with the homeys, daytime so no skinemax, what to do? get fukn goonies style beyotch. first step was to make sure we had proper supplies. got some good vittles in us, in case we got stranded or hunted down by some sleestacks. we would need our strength for the trials ahead.

actually i think we were just cruising outside looking at where the water flowed and decided to follow it. i remember climbing fences, wandering through other people's backyards, all over the neighborhood. so we end up at the side of the road and the water flows down this tube, down


to where that land could be lost. as in stleestacks action. we had to make sure we had pez, cuz it was good food, and you never know, you might get lonely down there if your cut off from the crew. having a pez dispenser with a nice character like dopey the dwarf or wonder woman would be chronic boobonic. So we got some rope from greasey's garage, and tied it around this pole, and snaked it down to the depths, where darkness and possibly chaka awaited. but we knew if we found the magic crystal it would be easy skeezy.

so long story short, we climbed down there and it was just a fukn storm drain. we cruised around for a ways either direction, didn't see anything interesting, got spooked out, ate pez, and then climbed back up the rope.

which reminds me - bartley asked how the hawaii rainbows (oops i mean warriors) were ranked in si's college football issue. let's see...

# 64. "QB Timmy Chang (medical redshirt in 2001) threw for 3,041 yards as a freshman in '00."

Timmy Chang is part of a long line of football prospects out of St. Louis High in the Kaimuki district of Honolulu. I'm pretty sure it's a Cathoic school. Their coach, Cal Lee, just had his last season after like 25 years or some shit. They'd basically been champs like 20 out of the last 25, but they lost the last couple years to Kahuku, a public school in the north shore area.

ok too deep into hawaii high school football probably. anyway, jason gesser at washington state came out of st. louis too.

The problem is that timmy chang just broke his finger in training camp last week. he should be there for the 2nd or third game, though. As for all those yards he threw for two years ago, it's pretty standard in June Jone's run & shoot, which scores like mad and is basically the theory of throwing to set up the run, rather than the other way around. There's mad plays just airing it out. UH ran up like 72 points on BYU last year ruining the Mormon's perfect season, after they'd been bitching for the last week that they weren't ranked higher and bcs bowl bound.

UH should be pretty good this year, but we'll see. They're in the punk ass WAC where the biggest worries are Boise State and Louisiana Tech. Oh yeah Fresno State's kind of a bitch, and they're playing BYU again this year. Oh well should be interesting.

outtie like kirk gowdy