Thursday, August 01, 2002

Very busy morning here at the skunkworks. Busy is good, but by its nature, it is busy. For example, Sam Malone at Cheers wants a lot of people to come in his bar, cause then he makes a lot of money. But if 500 merchant marines walk through the doors all at once, it's a very hectic atmosphere, there's beer flying everywhere, Norm is getting squeezed out of his favorite chair, Cliff is getting flustered, and it's just too much posse.

That's a little how I feel right now, too much posse. Busy is good, busier I get, the more paper lines my plaid parachute pants, but this kind of busy is like having a closeout special on miller lite on the 4th of July. Duck down dog, it's gettin hairy.

Anyway, that's all I have time for right now, blog, just enough for a pet, a stroke, a kind word. Now buzz off I got shit to do.

Bumpin on the new phat Panasonic system: Tom Petty, Full Moon Fever, but I skipped Free Fallin, too played out.