Monday, August 19, 2002

Well good morning all and happy Monday.

I woke up feeling like this little guy looks this morning, but just like Master Yoda, there is more than meets the eye, and I'm starting to pick up steam and get rolling thanks to my good friend Juan Valdez and his trusty ass. er, mule, donkey, whatever. Not his actual ass, as in, ya know, his butt, oh forget it.

Being it's Monday and I'm feeling a little cranky, I thought I could shake the blues by giving props to some of the good folks around bloggoland, sort of pour some coffee out for my homeys you might say.

First on my list is the honorable, esteemable, the "reverend" as the kids seem to be calling him these days, Tony Pierce. I don't know if I've made it abudantly clear, but ultrablognetic would not exist if not for this guy. I mean, this blog wasn't even a twinkle in my grandpappy's eye before I stumbled on Tony's busblog, and bloggerville was made apparent to me, a vision of words, images, and ancient vampire wisdom. Anyway, I made this blog when Tony threatened to quit blogging until he got linked on 100 blogs. So I made one just to be on the list, and unlike Michael Jackson's nose, ultrablognetic is still here, BEYOTCH.

So thanks Tony, for giving me a creative outlet, my dog thanks you as well, cuz he doesn't have to play bingo with me anymore.

Second on my list of playas that deserve nuff respect is my bloggenstein brother from another mother, the hosemonster. He's another guy that made a blog just so Tony wouldn't quit, and I saw his blog, and it made me realize that I too, could blog, and then I ate some Cracker Jacks, and hit the game winning homer, and every one said, Alfred is a real cracker jack. At least I think that's what they were saying.

No list would be complete without mentioning the super cool and amazingly talented Meesh. No one else has said such nice things about my silly little blog like she has and I really appreciate it, even though when she said I was funny, I was thinking, oh what, so I'm like a clown to her, is that it? Does she think I'm funny looking or something, am I here to amuse her? Then I just beat the shit out of a jackrabbit with a baseball bat and I felt a lot better.

Also, mad props to Jim Treacher for being a hilarious ass mofo as well as a regular contributor to the shout out sections on this blog. If you haven't checked out Jim's clip-art section, you should quit smoking crack. If you don't smoke crack, consider starting.

All right that's about it. Honorary mention goes to Moxie (thanks for linking me!) and kd (amazing how many hits you can get by making a comment on Yoda's penis - truly a powerful appendage, at least that's what I've heard.)

okey dokey, that's all folks. Back later with some o that southern-fried crispy crusty funk.