Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Whuts up party people? Speaking of parties, damn it sounds like they had a rager out in Cleveland at Eric and Dawn Olsen's house. The best play by play I've read is courtesy of Dever, who is my new link on the left hand side. He knocked out Snoop, who I discovered the other day was just some guy from Kansas perpetratin like he was the dog. Welcome to the Pennyworth all-stars Mr. Dever. I guess even Moxie made it out to the bash all the way from LA. Pretty damn cool. Gotta feel bad for the Mox as she got a boot put on her car and had to cough up a little over $400. I was pretty impressed at how non-bitter she sounded about it. I got towed last year and had to pay $200 to some blood-suckin bastards, and if I'd had a blog back then there would have been a veritable novel written about it, every other word effin or goddammit. So props to Mox for takin a lickin and keepin on tickin and spreading blogger unity and all that good stuff.

Props to Hosemonster too, who has been giving me some nice shout outs and even said he likes how I tell all of you what tunes I'm bumpin'. I always wonder if anyone gives a rat's ass. Right now I happen to be bumpin the currently resting in hopefully peace Big Pun and his first album, Capital Punishment. Damn that guy was fat. Not phat, but FAT. Well, he was phat, too. The trippy thing is I've seen pictures of him like ten years ago and he was like 185, just a normal looking dude. I guess he decided he was hungry and just went with it. Anyway a very solid and voracious spitter, some of the rhymes he kicked were straight lupid, like humpty would say, so props to the Puerto Rock.

Finally, just to let y'all know, my Grandma's going in for surgery on her leg tomorrow, so I'd really appreciate it if everybody could put up a little prayer to whatever god or goddess you're currently worshipping and wish her a smooth operation and a quick recovery. Much mahalos.

Peace out - more later.