Friday, September 27, 2002

10 (of 50?) things you might not have known about living hawaii -

1. take shoes or slippers off before come in house.
2. you're not "done" or "finished" - you're "pau"
3. every time there's an election, people stand at the side of the road and wave and give you the shakha sign with all their supporters holding up signs and waving and being goofballs. and you honk at them in support. i usually honk at them and shoot my squirtgun, which usually they like (hot weather) but sometimes they don't (wicked witch)
4. let's see, uh, there really ARE a shitload of rainbows. a SHITLOAD. and they're all super crip.
5. a big local sport is outrigger canoeing. all the cities and areas have their own clubs, which have full on meets and whatevahs.
6. plate lunches - local fast food. two scoops rice, macaroni salad, and an entree, stuff like bbq chicken and beef, chicken katsu, spareribs, etc.
7. Business attire for even the biggest shot executives is slacks and aloha shirt. Only lawyers and other villains wear suits in hawaii. Oh yeah, and the head news anchor on the news.
8. All the most important business, at least in my office, goes on in the morning. We're 3 hours back of the west coast, and 6 hours back of the east coast. We gotta get crackin early and take care of the dillio. Afternoon more kick-back, catch up on stuff.
9. the natatorium in waikiki, across from Kapiolani park, is a historic monument, a war memorial, and was the home to some up the biggest meets in swimming. It was the home pool of Duke Kahanamoku, who was a multiple gold-medal winner and in the movies, the same time that that Tarzan guy - Weismuller - was the other big swimmer dude. Swimmin was it, and hawaii's all about being a waterman - a man of la oceana. Um. Ok. Oh yeah, the point being, it's abandoned and gated off now and there's all this controversy about how they should repair it or what not. People sneak in and jump in the water, but you get stung by jellyfish. It's a salt water pool right on the ocean that lets in the ocean water and regulates it for a pool. Crip, huh? But it's all fucked up. Oooookaayyyy t.m.i. exuse - on to new business
10. they call Friday "Aloha Friday" and all the newscasters on tv wear aloha shirts. Pau work early usually and start the weekend off right with frosty ones.