Thursday, September 12, 2002

Bumpin def squad's el nino and drankin on some now a little luke-warm coffee. def squad is a crew comprised of red man (yeah the guy from the deodorant commercial with method man - let's not go there, because as bill simmons would say - that never happened), keith murray (very talented, little known rapper, that was locked up for a few years but got out a while ago) and erick sermon, formerly of EPMD. Solid solid solid shtuff.

Wellie wellie wellie well. It feels so nice to just blog with no regard to my affect on the psychological framework of the american and world public today. I have officially given myself license to be lame and/or offensive if not a little dab of both.

You know whut I really want to discuss today? Back-stabbin fuckheads in the business world. Dang some guy at the central skunkworks in chicago illinois is play-hatin and sayin I said some shit last year that I know I didn't say, and they be perpetratin like a mofo!! My boss knows that I'm the mizann and that I pay the cost for the land of the lost, so it's all good in the hood, but still this guy on the mainland, I considered him a homey, and now he's just a clown.

Enough of negativity and propagatin seeds of discontent. I just can't be down with that.

Stoked the dodgers won last night to tie it up for the wild card with the deuschbag san fran giants. And yes you sf people I know you hate being called san fran, it's like don't call us San Fran, we're the "City" or address us correctly as San Francisco, well ya know whut? Fuk off, deal with it, the rest of the world calls you san fran so piss off. And screw barry bonds and his steroid ass, he ain't hittin homers out so quick anymore is he? I didn't think so. Ah gotta love that dodger/giant rivalry. If the dodgers make the playoffs I'm going to paint my left but-cheek dodger blue and eat dodger dogs for every meal until the world series kicks off, with kazuhiko ishii on the mound, fully recovered from his fractured skull, (we're thinking about you man, get better) and then I'm going to say "blue blue your all I knew when I was young it was all about you." Over and over. And people are gonna throw trash at me cuz that's probably the lamest rhyme this side of an illgotten dime.

Uh ok. When you're rambling like that it's time to ask the bartender to cut you off.

Back later. Word. Again, so happy to be back with my same goofy and inane words that hopefully inspire you to mediocrity on a daily basis.

Buddha bless.