Wednesday, September 04, 2002

bumpin' sublime. so sad, just one studio album, then fukn needle to the vein and outties. sublime was pretty fukn solid, and long beach all stars are aiigghht, but without brad, just not the same jene-se-kwah. picked up the quiet riot randy rhoads years cd this weekend, by blastin the guitar-masters early works all weekend, i was able to partially exorcise the feather-haired nutty block sytled ghost that had been lingering in my afterthoughts and ponderings. damn he was a talented mofo.

then there's kevin dubrow, quiet riot lead singer. he's got that gruff voice that sometimes works, and sometimes it's like, chill dude. but his voice made cum on feel tha noize to a certain degree, so kevin dubrow is an overall positive. plus he put together the album. there's a live cut on there called Laughing Gas, and there's like a 7-minute randy rhoads guitar solo in it, and it just supercrip. Kevin Dubrow, in the liner notes: "Recorded live at the great L.A. club the Starwood on July 6, 1977. A staple of our live show. Due to the length of the solo and the fact that it was constantly evolving, we never cut a studio version of this song. Depending on his mood, Randy would sometimes do a ten-minute solo. You can hear parts of his later songs that he took from this unique solo."

rhoads goes all over the place on this solo, keeping the spirit of the song, but just tearing up the shit in da hizause. the solo on the ozzy tribute album is a little more polished, but this one fukn rocks and is just like "fuck it" and that fukn rules.

OK - enough randy rhoads.

want to give a shout to my homey aquaman, who just blessed me with 3 pimpin cd's from cali. Dr. Octagon (vintage dope album, kool keith raps, alchemist production, scratches by dj q-bert of invisibl scratch piklz), best of eric b & rakim, and Blackalicious, on some conscious shit, keepin it real like a trained seal. thanks, dawg, and all yall pizeeps if you need a dj in the la area, you bettah check him out at the rubysatellitesystem. he'll hook you up in hawaii too, this madman is trans-pacific. i'm telling you!

so anyway, still stoked that cal spanked baylor, gotta research new mexico state. i can't remember a thing about them except i think their mascot is a little man with a giant mustache and a big hat. we'll see how close i am. whoever he is, i'm basically gonna use my poison pen to etch his tombstone pizza with extra sauce and cheese.